About Me

I have a Master’s Degree in psychology from Antioch University Seattle, including academic work in individual, group, couples, and family therapy, as well as specialized training in crisis intervention, counseling Hispanic/Latino clients, and counseling sexual and gender minorities. I have twenty-six years experience in mental health, during which time I have worked as a clinician, and as a crisis intervention specialist.  In addition, I served on faculty at Antioch University Seattle's School of Applied Psychology , Counseling and Family Therapy for 9 ½ years.  My clients have included children and adolescents as well as adult individuals, groups, couples, families, and the wider community. 

  Therapeutic Approach

 The goal of our working relationship is the benefit of the client, including facilitation of personal growth and change. My philosophy toward helping people change is one of collaboration, cooperation, and respect for the client’s own resources and ability to arrive at solutions to problems.

            Acknowledging that every individual is unique, I employ an integrative approach to therapy, with theoretical orientation dependent upon the needs of that individual.  This integrative approach includes the use of client-centered, attachment-based, object relations, existential, cognitive behavioral, family systems, mindfulness-based, and emotion-focused therapies. This means that I will assist you in understanding yourself, your family, and those around you, and how your life experiences have helped to make you who you are. This process will be combined with the learning of new and healthier ways of seeing yourself and your relationships. All of this will be done in an atmosphere of honor and respect.

            I work with children, adolescents and adults, in individual, group, couple and family contexts, specializing in working with complex trauma, attachment issues, family of origin issues, relationship issues, grief and loss, healing from sexual abuse, sexual and gender identity issues, and issues of internalized oppression. My approach tends to be long term, with the duration of therapy dependent upon the unique needs of each client. During the course of your therapy, we may deal with issues from the past as well as the present, in order to facilitate greater insight and open the door to further growth. We may also work with goals for the future, depending upon your needs.